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Peek Into Our World

“अरे बैनी! चोखी
मिर्च लेकर आओ!!”

Her words ring out confidently. At Kashika, our rural didis call the shots. They use their traditional wisdom to choose the right raw material and blend them into aromatic spices that are fiery and vibrant, just like them. They pride themselves on impeccable taste, quite evident as they confidently tell their next-door neighbor, “ Arre Chachi, bilkul orgeenal masala hai, humne khud banaya hai! ”
Read on to find out more about their world,
the vibrant world of Kashika masalas.

“Gaanth wali haldi hi
lekar aana !”

“Chhole masala
mein khada masala
bhunke dalte hain!”

“Chokhi Mirch Hai,
No milawat ji”

“Gaon ke
garam masala mein
dhaniya nahi padtha”





How our charismatic didis drive the
Kashika enterprise & choose to dream.

Renu, one of the first workers at Kashika unit

“अपनी मन की
करती हैं ये औरत!”

Renu, one of our earliest employees, explains that her husband has started to point out how she spends more time udhar, than idhar, at her own home. He asks, “Unit में ऐसा क्या हैं?” trying to grasp the intricacies of her masala pisai work that he understands rather poorly.

Our didis are spirited and energetic. Their world is seldom mundane, it’s quite the contrary actually! Click to read their inspirational and uplifting life stories and stand to gain from their native wisdom. This treasure trove of anecdotes and traditional tidbits will leave you richer by the letter!

Dil se banaya hua khaana Aur dil se ki gai baat,
Dono chu jaate hain.

काशिका का सभी मसाला शुद्ध और नेचुरल है | बाज़ार के मसाले से अंतर है| काशिका के सभी मसालों का अपना अलग-अलग स्वाद एवं खुशबु है | जैसे हल्दी है तो हल्दी की स्वाद एवं खुशबू है , धनिया है तो उसकी अलग स्वाद एवं खुशबु है , गरम मसाले की अपनी अलग खुशबू है | बाज़ार की तरह नहीं की एक ही जैसी स्वाद एवं खुशबू सभी मसालों का | हमने जिसको भी काशिका मसाला दिया सभी ने यही कहा की ये बाज़ार से सस्ता और क्वालिटी में बहुत अच्छा है|

माता जी

Kashika represents the essence of the women of the village of India in all her splendor and resilience. Like the melding of her innate qualities in a person, the masala is a mix of best of condiments made with the hand of love of the women of the village.


We are Kashika, an Indian manufacturer and retailer of ground spices. We work with rural women to create a range of blends that transform your food and make it flavorsome,wholesome, and enjoyable.

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